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Yenn Lee, Han Woo Park PDF icon Causes, Consequences and Implications of Cyber-­‐Exile: Article 93 of the Public Official Election Act and E-­‐Campaigning in So
Yana Breindl, François Briatte PDF icon Digital Network Repertoires and the Contentious Politics of Digital Copyright in France and the European Union
Xavier Fernandez-i-Marin PDF icon The Impact of e-Government Promotion in Europe: Internet Dependence and Critical Mass
Vili Lehdonvirta, Perttu Virtanen PDF icon A New Frontier in Digital Content Policy: Case Studies in the Regulation of Virtual Goods and Artificial Scarcity
Victor Bekkers, Arthur Edwards, Rebecca Moody PDF icon Micro-mobilization, social media and coping strategies: some Dutch experiences
Uta Russmann PDF icon Voter Targeting via the Web – A Comparative Structural Analysis of Austrian and German Party Websites
Sylvain Dejean, Thierry Penard, Raphaël Suire PDF icon The French “Three Strikes Law” against digital piracy and the change in usages of pirates
Sungsoo Hwang PDF icon Engaging Public Online: An exploratory study on the citizen participation via online in Korea
Stefan Larsson, Måns Svensson PDF icon Compliance or obscurity? Online anonymity as a consequence of fighting illegal file sharing
Sonia Livingstone, Brian O'Neill PDF icon Promoting children’s interests on the internet: regulation and the emerging evidence base of risk and harm
Sharon Haleva-Amir PDF icon "This site's aim is to maintain a useful, stable, ongoing connection with the public": On the Gap between Texts and Applications
Satyan Ramlal PDF icon E-government in the global South – Machine politics as usual?
Sarah Logan PDF icon The Internet and Political Stability In Fragile States
Sandra Braman PDF icon Technical Design of the Internet and the Law: The First Decade
Rosa Borge, Ana Sofía Cardenal PDF icon Surfing the Net: a pathway to political participation without motivation?
Rey Rosales PDF icon Online learning and digital media use in the lives of the young: Some policy recommendations for K-12 leaders
Rasmus Kleis Nielsen PDF icon Mundane Internet Tools, Mobilizing Practices, and the Coproduction of Citizenship in Political Campaigns
Raphael Cohen-Almagor PDF icon Hate on the Internet, PDF icon Hate on the Internet - Presentation
Ralf Lindner, Ulrich Riehm PDF icon Broadening participation through E-Petitions? Results from an empirical study on petitions to the German parliament
Petros Stefaneas PDF icon Internet based Open Governance: the case of Greece
Paul Reilly PDF icon Anti-social networking in Northern Ireland: An exploratory study of strategies for policing interfaces in cyberspace
Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos, Mutaz M. Al-Debei PDF icon Engaging with Citizens Online: Understanding the Role of ePetitioning in Local Government Democracy
Pablo Porten-Cheé PDF icon Lessons Learned from Obama? The Effect of Individual Use of Party Websites on Voting in the Elections to the European Parliament
Onaolapo Francisca Oladipo, Rasheed Olawale, Michael Awoleye PDF icon Deploying the Internet in Youth Entrepreneurship Programs: Case Studies from Nigeria
Michiko Yoshida PDF icon Utilizing the regional SNS to participate in politics
Michael Markwick PDF icon The Unlawful Freedom of Communication
Michael J. Santorelli PDF icon Regulatory Federalism in a Broadband World
Meelis Kitsing PDF icon An Evaluation of E-Government in Estonia
Meelis Kitsing PDF icon Political Economy of the Network Neutrality in the European Union
Mayo Fuster Morell PDF icon Mapping online creation communities: Models of infrastructure governance of collective action and its effects on participation s
Matthew Addis, Steve Taylor, Bassem I. Nasser, Somya Joshi, Evika Karamagioli, Timo Wandhoefer, Freddy Fallon, Rachel Fletcher, Caroline Wilson PDF icon New ways for policy-makers to interact with citizens through open social network sites - a report on initial results
Mary C. Milliken PDF icon Canada's internet policy: Is 'inclusiveness' road-kill on the information
Marie Ellen Sluis PDF icon Amazonian Geeks and Social Activism: An ethnographic study on the appropriation of ICTs in the Brazilian Amazon
Maria Laura Sudulich, Matthew Wall, Elmar Jansen, Kevin Cunningham PDF icon Me too for web 2.0? Patterns of online campaigning among candidates in the 2010 UK general election
Keren Sereno PDF icon Understanding the Hyperlinks Politics Better: The Israeli Protest Networks as a Case Study
Kenny Wang PDF icon Searching and seizing digital evidence inside a consulate: A violation of international law?
Karine Barzilai-Nahon, Jeff Hemsley, Shawn Walker, Muzammil Hussain PDF icon Fifteen Minutes of Fame: The Place of Blogs in the Life Cycle of Viral Political Information
Karen Mossberger, Caroline Tolbert, Benedict Jimenez, Daniel Bowen PDF icon Unraveling Different Barriers to Technology Use: Urban Residents and Neighborhood Effects
Jose Marichal PDF icon Political Facebook Groups: Micro-Activism and the Digital Front Stage
Jorge Luis Salcedo Maldonado PDF icon Mobilization process at the European Union
Jocelyne Trémenbert PDF icon Indicators of the digital divide and its link with other exclusions
Jesper Schlæger PDF icon Red Alert: The Internet and government affairs service centres in Chengdu
James Gomez, Rosyidah Muhamad PDF icon Opposition Parties and General Elections: New Media Policy Responses in Singapore and Malaysia
Jakob Linaa Jensen PDF icon Citizenship 2.0. – changing aspects of citizenship in the age of digital media
Ismael Peña-López PDF icon Policy-making for digital development: the role of the government
Irina Shklovski, David Struthers PDF icon Of states and borders on the Internet: The role of domain-name extensions in expressions of national identity
Ian Jayson Reyes Hecita PDF icon Civil Society and ICTs: Creating Participatory Spaces for Democratizing ICT Policy and Governance in the Philippines
Hirohiko Yasuda PDF icon Preventing Cyber Bullying at School: The Difficulties of Guardians and How Schools Can Aid Them
Godefroy Dang Nguyen, Jocelyne Trémenbert PDF icon Local eGovernment in Brittany: The Power of Cognitive Alignment
Giovanni Navarria PDF icon e-Petitioning and Representative Democracy: a doomed marriage? - Lessons learnt from the Downing Street e-Petition Website and t