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Haleva-Amir: "This site's aim is to maintain a useful, stable, ongoing connection with the public": On the Gap between Texts and Applications in Knesset Members' Personal Websites

Paper presenter: 
Haleva-Amir, S., University of Haifa, Israel

This article refers to the concept of a political personal website as a means of connection with the public, in the realm of Israeli Knesset Members (henceforth – MKs). Contact narrative - as reflected through sites' texts and MKs open questionnaires' answers - was examined in light of the sites' human interactive applications enabling connectivity between representatives and citizens. The research rationale stems from the intriguing question: are there any discrepancies between the texts and the actual applications used by Israeli parliamentarians; as sometimes website' texts vis-à-vis its applications can reflect completely different attitudes and discordance.

I will begin by briefly surveying the research literature. Next, I turn to outline research stages and methods employed. Empirical findings will be presented next, accompanied by text excerpts reflecting the Contact narrative. I conclude with a discussion regarding the findings, their meaning and practical implications.

Sharon Haleva-Amir