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Cohen-Almagor: Hate on the Internet

This paper has been published as: Raphael Cohen-Almagor (2011) Fighting Hate and Bigotry on the Internet. Policy and Internet 3 (3).

Paper presenter: 
Cohen-Almagor, R., University of Hull

Hate speech is a specific type of online content that is designed to threaten certain groups publicly and act as propaganda for offline organizations. Hate groups use websites for sharing ideology, propaganda, link to similar sites, recruit new converts, advocate violence and threat others. The aim of this paper is to analyse the ways Nethate can be countered. It is written and argued in the realm of ethics, or rather applied ethics. It offers a discussion on moral and social responsibility. Unfortunately, this is a neglected issue in the literature.

This study focuses on articulating possible solutions to specific problems and on providing a framework within which these problems can be identified and resolved by accentuating moral and social responsibility. Section II introduces the underpinning concepts of this essay, moral and social responsibility. Section III discusses the targets of hate on the Internet. Finally, Section IV offers practical proposals to address this increasing problem and fight against it. Socially responsible people should not stand idly by while others are abusing the Net to discriminate and victimized their targets for hate.

Aristotle, bigotry, hate speech, Nethate, social responsibility
Raphael Cohen-Almagor