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Hecita: Civil Society and ICTs: Creating Participatory Spaces for Democratizing ICT Policy and Governance in the Philippines


Hecita, I.J.R., Florida State University


This paper examines and identifies the dimensions, activities, purpose, and extent of civil society organizations’ participation in ICT policy making and governance in the Philippines. This research scrutinizes the dynamics between the institutional context (e.g. present ICT policies, international policies commitment, institutions, etc.) of ICT policy and governance policies vis-à-vis the actors, activities (e.g. advocacy, capacity building, partnership, networking, research, service provision, etc.), issue areas/ purpose (e.g. human rights, environment, sustainable development, capacity building, gender, etc.), and extent (e.g. participation of CSOs in the different venues of governance and policy making processes). Empirically, the study aims to systematically map out the terrain of CSO efforts and document existing practices of CSO engagement in ICT policy and governance in the context of identifying opportunities and challenges for creating greater democratic space and institutionalizing citizen involvement in ICT governance. Theoretically, this paper aims to contribute to the understanding of civil society’s role in governance and policy making in the Philippines specifically in the understudied, complex and cross-cutting sector of information and communications technology.

Ian Jayson Reyes Hecita