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Kitsing: Political Economy of the Network Neutrality in the European Union


Kitsing, M., Department of Political Science, National Center for Digital Government, University of Massachusetts Amherst


During the last years network neutrality has become an important regulatory policy issue in Europe and the United States. The 2009 EU telecom reform was in the center of attempts by content providers to introduce net neutrality regulations. However, these efforts were not fruitful as minimalist and ineffective approach for tackling a wide range of issues related to network neutrality prevailed in the final version of telecom package. This outcome is result of interaction of interests, ideas, institutions and uncertainty which created unfriendly environment for potential network neutrality legislation. As a result interests of network operators prevailed over the interests of content providers in this new emerged regulatory regime.

net neutrality, political economy, european union, content providers, network operators, regulation
Meelis Kitsing