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Michael Milakovich: Anticipatory Government: Integrating Big Data for Smaller Government

Michael Milakovich, University of Miami


Translating the avalanche of newly-created data sources into actionable decision-making requires high-value analytical skills and forward-looking political leadership. Few public administrators, and ever fewer elected officials, have access to—or knowledge of—statistical skills and relevant case examples necessary to fully utilize information available from burgeoning mega-databases. This paper examines the anticipated merger of private sector methodology, public administrative expertise and political leadership needed to apply big datasets to public sector decision making processes. Case profiles are drawn from public and non-profit organizations in healthcare, information communication technologies, law enforcement, procurement, and virtual training, among others. Cases are selected for geographic as well as population diversity. Cooperation between appointed managers and elected politicians is essential to apply big datasets and improve decision making in public and non-profit organizations.

Michael Milakovich